Stem Cells and
Chronic Heart Failure

Free consult with either a nurse or doctor during office hours to help understand our procedures and our successes with CHF. Most patients have at least a 50% INCREASE IN THEIR CARDIAC OUTPUT WITHIN ONE TO FOUR MONTHS AFTER THE STEM CELL TREATMENT  


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NO, we don’t accept insurance. This is “experimental medicine” and in general no insurance will pay for this. Any doctor or clinic telling you differently is likely not telling you the truth.

Don’t call and ask for patient testimonials or scientific papers etc. to “PROVE” to yourself or loved ones that we are legit. At this price it is just not cost effective for us to spend lots of time with people who need to have their hand held and are not willing to read other stem cell clinic’s promises, claims and the scientific literature. A good source for info is and if you want the full scientific articles then go to That site has more info than you will ever have time to read on CHF and stem cells.

Please check the internet for all other clinics in regard to their prices and if you can find some place that offers you stem cells for less cost in this country and who you can trust then please go there. As far as we know we offer the

of any place in this country.

If money is still a problem we do offer a special kind of stem cell treatment that requires only a simple blood draw. Other clinics in the USA are offering three treatments of this type for $7,500.00 but we are charging only $1000.00 per treatment with this method. No one will offer you a guarantee nor can we say that you will be helped by any method or type of stem cell. We can assure you that you will get good stem cells and so if your body and your situation allows then you should see clinically positive results has many testimonials in regard to stem cells and CHF so spend time on that site to further convince yourself..
The bottom line is that our doctor has been treating patients with stem cells since 2001 and has done nothing else but specialize in stem cells since 2006. After over 7000 patients and lots of success with treating CHF patients we can tell you that stem cells can be what you need but they do not cure you of heart problems forever. Even if you improve like most, the results may last only for a year or two and then you may need to have additional stem cell therapy. Please read our site in regard to other therapies and tests and restrictions you will need to know and to follow if you truly want to improve. Having treated patients so successfully so that they could be removed from the heart transplant schedule is proof enough for us. In any case sudden death occurs suddenly with CHF patients so don’t procrastinate! Call today. It is simple, painless and only takes one day at our office.

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Reversing heart failure with stem cells

Put Dr. Steenblock and his medical dream team to work for you

If you or a loved one has chronic heart failure, you can't afford to waste time and money on useless or ineffective treatments. You need the stem cell-based Personalized Regenerative Medicine  expertise of Dr David A Steenblock  and his dedicated medical team.

To put Dr. Steenblock and his team to work on your behalf grab your phone and call -  1      1-949-367-8870 or 1-800-300-1063 for a free 5 minute consultation right NOW!

Why should you call Dr. Steenblock?   It's really quite simple: in order to get better now and far beyond, it is essential that all the players & contributors to your heart condition be precisely identified and dealt with by a physician possessing tremendous expertise and unmatched experience. This combination is rare but is a "picture perfect match" to Dr. Steenblock. 

Ready for specifics? In the more than forty years (1970-present) since Dr. Steenblock began practicing medicine he has treated over 50,000 patients, most of whom came to him after conventional medical treatments failed to produce desired improvements. Many enjoyed turnarounds that left their conventional physicians literally astounded.

For most of you reading this, you landed on this website after hearing something about what stem cells might do to repair and restore ailing hearts. Now ask yourself this: 
How many doctors have a background in stem cell biology and clinical stem cell use that goes back decades?

You can probably count them on one hand. Foremost among them is Dr. Steenblock who first worked with stem cell-rich bone marrow in 1968 and spent the summer of 1969 in the Department of Hematology at the University of Washington where pioneering bone marrow transplants were being done by the doctor in charge, Donnell Thomas (Dr. Thomas was awarded the Nobel prize in medicine & physiology for this body of work in 1989). 

Since 2006 Dr. Steenblock has done over 3000 stem cell-rich bone marrow treatments (technically called "bone marrow aspirate concentrate" or BMAC) and since 2001 has treated over 7,000 patients with stem cells for a variety of medical challenges including acute heart attacks, chronic/congestive heart failure, cardiomyopathies of different types, vascular calcification, atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis, chronic kidney failure, cardiac arrthymias such as PVC’s, atrial fibrillation and other irregular heartbeat conditions. 

There are a number of issues all chronic heart failure patients face. For those who'd like to be treated with stem cells, there are things they need to do to help insure they get the very best results possible. 

With this in mind, when you call please try to give the doctor or his assistant a complete list of all of your medical problems.

Important points: We are the only private US clinic that specializes in restorative & regenerative medical treatments including the use of BMAC (The only form of stem cell therapy private clinics can legally do in the USA). And we are the only clinic which has worked out how to prepare patients in ways that help insure their stem cells are vigorous and their bodies are primed to receive and nurture them. 

Also, so far as we know, no other private medical clinic in the US has its own stem cell lab with all of the modern equipment needed to be able to analyze and count the number of stem cells in a patient's blood and bone marrow. Dr. Steenblock has had his own in-house stem cell lab operating under his medical license since 2004 and bought his first flow cytometer in 2006. Our latest device (the flow cytometer) is a Perkin Elmer and was purchased new about 6 months ago. Our lab also has a    cell culture incubator that's used to study how strong and vibrant a patient's stem cells are. In instances in which a patient's stem cells are found to be unhealthy or less than robust, there are treatments available which Dr. Steenblock discovered readily remedy this

In addition to insuring that patients receive vigorous stem cells, Dr. Steenblock has a wide variety of sophisticated regenerative therapy devices and techniques at his disposal such as external counterpulsation, hyperbaric oxygen, periodic acceleration therapy, low Intensity shock wave therapy, lasers, pulsed magnetic therapy, plus intravenous glutathione, vitamin C, vitamins, proteins, amino acids, hormones, minerals, and growth factors. 

Rest assured, you will not find a more advanced PRIVATE    Personalized Regenerative Medical clinic in the USA or most likely anywhere else in the world. If you have time to spare take a look at all of these powerful medical tools and more at

Click this link  to visit Dr. Steenblock's clinic webpage devoted to chronic heart failure.

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