When congestive heart failure (CHF) arises and begins to progress the sufferer’s heart tries to repair the damage by activating stem cells. Unfortunately, these stem cells are not always up to the job of repair and regeneration. The chemical signals produced by the ailing heart muscle then attract circulating bone marrow stem cells. However, as people age their bone marrow begins to harbor more and more senescent (inactive) stem cells. To offset this Dr. Steenblock found that he could prod patient’s bone marrow to make new, more vital stem cells by giving them injections of the FDA approved stem cell mobilizing drug  Neupogen® for five (5) consecutive days. How does this work? The mobilization of large numbers of mostly senescent (poorly functioning/responsive) stem cells from the marrow triggers natural biological mechanisms that swing into action resulting in the production of upwards of 10 times more healthy stem cells than were present prior to the Neupogen® injections!

Once a CHF patient’s bone marrow is brimming with robust, healthier stem cells, Dr. Steenblock harvests a small sample of this stem cell-rich bone marrow and gives it back to him or her by intravenous drip. This turns loose scores more stem cells than would ever be mobilized normally and thus represents the augmentation of a natural healing mechanism. As a result arterial tissues that would never have had sufficient number of stem cells around to affect repairs and facilitate creation of new blood vessels are amply supplied with these.

Is there any evidence pumping bone marrow stem cells into people with cardiovascular problems including CHF genuinely helps them? There is. Click to read about a 2009 University of Texas study that showed how bone marrow stem cells helped stroke patients.

Other completed studies as well as some in-progress involve cardiologists harvesting a patient’s bone marrow cells from their hip, growing them in culture, and then threading a catheter up the femoral artery into a coronary artery and injecting them. Some doctors are putting them into the cardiac veins while others have fancy catheters that have needles built in so the doctors can inject the stem cells directly into the damaged parts of the heart. All of these procedures are more costly, invasive and risky compared to the methods Dr. Steenblock routinely uses.

In Dr. Steenblock’s experience the use of the patient’s own bone marrow is the safest, simplest, and cheapest method to treat  CHF with stem cells and in his opinion gets consistently good or better results than those more expensive and risky methods of treatment described above.

One example is a 56 year old overweight man who was scheduled for a heart transplant at a VA hospital due to his severe  CHF. His cardiac output was 24% and he was unable to walk up even a single flight of stairs. Within 3 weeks of a simple bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC) treatment by Dr. Steenblock his cardiac output had jumped to 48% and he was able to walk up 10 flights of stairs!

Another is a 76 year old woman who had a massive heart attack 6 months prior to seeing Dr. Steenblock. She came in to his office with massively swollen legs, fluid in her lungs with shortness-of-breath, and terrible weakness. One week after getting her own bone marrow stem cells, her ankles looked like they were when she was 18 and she had regained her strength and had no more shortness-of-breath!

Dr. Steenblock has many more examples in his files though the important thing is that this method is safe and simple and just may be the answer CHF patients have been looking for.

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“I feel good since my stem cell treatment and a recent report from my cardiologist was good.
I even passed a stress test and am planning a vacation to Europe in a few days.”
~ Patient M.V. Cardiac CVA + Hypothyroid


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